EmpreSomos: a game-changing initiative for Central America

How your commitment helps

One month of help-desk support ($1,985)

Appropriate digital-infrastructure performance is key for online knowledge and know-how sharing. Help-desk work entails monitoring and maintenance of the digital platform, preparation and dissemination of relevant training materials for mentors and mentees, and 24-7 technical support for mentors and mentees.

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Provide tutoring to 100 entrepreneurs-mentees ($840)

Your support will facilitate mentor identification and mentor-mentee matching, along with the actual initiation and continuation of exchanges of information, knowledge, and know-how between mentors and mentees.

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Engage high-quality mentors ($1,752)

Attracting and retaining high-quality entrepreneurial mentors is a critical component of mentees’s performance and the achievement of expected outcomes. Your support will allow EmpreSomos to invest in a one-month promotional and marketing campaign via social media, email, and real-time communications. Members of Central American diasporas will be special targets of mentors’ recruitment campaigns.

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Support one month outreach to engage high-quality operational partners ($500)

The multiplication of organizational collaborations and partnerships with institutions devoted to entrepreneurship learning and growth in Central America and other parts of the world, is critical for EmpreSomos thrive. Communication channels to be used for such a purpose include social media, email, exposure at appropriate events, and face-to-face contacts.

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Support one year of Research, collection, and dissemination of EmpreSomos best practices ($2,650)

Any know-how-sharing activity implemented at a significant scale, entails the continuous monitoring of practices that demonstrate better learning results, the gathering of relevant experiences and their dissemination, with the participation of operational partners, mentors, and mentees.

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One year strengthening of operational sustainability ($4,250)

The continuous improvement of service quality demands resources to research, plan, and implement fresh growth opportunities, including the co-funding of new services with operational partners, the monetization of specific services, and the use of sponsorships and affiliate marketing mechanisms.

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