EmpreSomos: a game-changing initiative for Central America


EmpreSomos Initiative

Partner with EmpreSomos to reduce forced migration through entrepreneurship in Central America

EmpreSomos is an initiative of Global AEBD – a 501(c)3 nonprofit and socially entrepreneurial organization that aims at helping needy potential immigrants from the Central American Northern Triangle – Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador – and Nicaragua. EmpreSomos is the outcome of partnership agreements with prestigious Central American and US educational and training institutions, and experts concerned with entrepreneurship growth in the region from all over the world.

Under this program, non-formal education and training programs are being created in association with relevant entities and people in Central America, the US, and other parts of the world. These programs leverage online communication and productivity ecosystem delivered through modern open source web content management and educational platforms. These systems will take advantage of the proliferation of mobile devices and the increasing access to the Internet and cloud computing in the region. In this way EmpreSomos scaling up will be both flexible and cost efficient.

Online Learning

There are more tablets and smart phones than people in the Central American region.

Over a dozen entrepreneurship programs need a web communication and productivity platform to boost entrepreneurship education, training, and opportunity in Central American countries to help the poor to have a dignified life in their own community, and reduce social unrest, violence, and forced migration.

EmpreSomos establishes an international community for know-how transfers through non-formal or continuous education, training, and workforce development. It will also facilitate alliances of local small and medium sized businesses, both among themselves and with international counterparts. Not less important, it will also enhance the entrepreneurial traits and creativity that are required to address local social challenges.

The main objective of EmpreSomos is EmpreSomos Central American initiative stands apart from “giving-the-fish” ways to care for people. As Benjamin Franklin used to advocate more than a century ago, boosting skills and opportunities is a great way to empower others and helping ourselves.

Our focus is on building the EmpreSomos platform at empresomos.org. Our first stage is the design of a “clickable demo” or prototype of the site, to be subsequently presented to potential partners and beneficiaries in the Central American region — including aspiring entrepreneurs, small- and medium-size business owners, and independent workers – to be tested for both functionality and user-friendliness of digital tools and system as a whole.

As part of the effort to attract donors and financial partners towards the construction of empresomos.org, we are revamping our current globalaebd.org site, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of June. The revitalized site will be more mobile friendly, and greatly facilitate the marketing of EmpreSomos through improved information about our advances and enhanced access to social media.

All these efforts demand financial resources.

We are targeting $20,000 to bring the EmpreSomos vision to life. If 100 people donated $200, we would be done and on our way towards boosting entrepreneurship training and opportunities and reduce social unrest and forced migration. Donations of $50 and $20 are also helpful, and add up quickly. Thus any contribution is welcome.

Please donate now and help stop the desperate circumstances that lead to forced migration. All donations are tax deductible.



With headquarters in Gaithersburg, MD, Global AEBD is led by Rene Salgado, PhD, who belongs to the Central American diaspora and has more than twenty years of experience in international projects. Matthew Zamora leads Global AEBD’s technology operations, and is also the president of Enact Productions a web design company that specializes in nonprofits and small to medium businesses. To contact Rene please use this site’s contact us page.