EmpreSomos: a game-changing initiative for Central America


Entails consultation and assistance on specific and action-oriented tasks for businesses. For instance: conducting competitive analysis for a new product or service; setting up and keeping suitable accounting systems; preparation and presentation of financial plans for partners or investors; attracting the appropriate human resources; and learning who, how, and what to ally or partner for.
Counseling Pograms


Get best-in-class support, training, and education from subject matter experts. Whether an entrepreneur needs support with international trade, accounting, or best agricultural practices, we can support one-to-one connections, small group training, seminars, and topic-based education online (often with in-person counterpart programs). Local, regional, national, and international experts are leveraged with our targeted counseling programs.

Nobody is an expert at everything, but there is a large international community of experts out there who are willing to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in developing regions. Our system connects subject matter experts in advanced ways with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Training seminars, direct advising, question answering, and topic-based education can all greatly reduce the risk of failure for a striving entrepreneur. It is common for us to partner with prestigious institutions that do on-site training, and bringing that training online for the whole world. Our system adapts from exclusive one-on-one counseling over a period of time, to major online seminars, and self-paced online classes.

The diversity of counseling topics are diverse, as being in business is a multi-domain endeavor. However, we can bring the best regional experts to assist people, who may live in regions with poor or no support infrastructure. Now with little more than a mobile device, and internet, entrepreneurs can acquire the knowledge, confidence, and support it takes to break a typical and systemic outcome of poverty or failure.