EmpreSomos: a game-changing initiative for Central America


Provides access to relevant entrepreneurship guidance, encouragement, and advice – key stimulants for success. Online mentoring, or e-mentoring programs, will be designed and tailored to connect startups and small businesses to networks of generous, skilled volunteer mentors. It will leverage existing interconnected structures -- such as MentorNet, IdEA, Micromentor -- and expand domestic and diasporas support for local entrepreneurs and innovators.
Mentorship Networks


Averages are wrong. People born into poverty do not have to be destined to remain in poverty. Those in poverty often do not have the social support, education, business opportunity, nor connections it takes to effectively become successful entrepreneurs. Those are all problems that are addressed by the EmpreSomos platform by the Global AEBD. By developing a community of supporters, we allow for the knowledge transfer, social support, and systematic facilitation it takes for a serious entrepreneur to reach success.

One of the keys to boosting successful outcomes, is leveraging the experiences of those who have done it before. Mentorships in EmpreSomos are provided by community members who have become successful, as well as highly successful entrepreneurs that Global AEBD partners with through institutional agreements.

Mentors offer the long-term relationships, in-country knowledge, and real-world experience that most other international programs miss. It is a key mission of Global AEBD to establish a culture of entrepreneurship in which those who succeed are able and willing assist those others who are still striving for a basic livelihood. Synchronous, asynchronous, telepresence, and other communication and networking tools establish meaningful connections between our community members.