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Create and Customize your own Fundraising Page, and Manage your EmpreSomos Fundraising Campaign with CrowdRise

Nota Bene: Before going through this guideline, you may find it useful to look at this concise note about peer-to-peer fundraising.

What should you do?


1. Start at https://www.crowdrise.com/empresomos-initiative

2. You will be directed to the EmpreSomos CrowdRise page. Here you may (a) Donate and/or (b) Fundraise for the campaign.

3.  To start your own fundraising you click on “FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN” OR “JOIN THE TEAM.” Either of these will take you through the signup process.

Fundraise for this campaign

4. Complete a very easy signup (Full name, email address, and password).


Your most important command here is “Edit Fundraiser.”  Go ahead and click on it.

 Edit Fundraiser

There are THREE critical things to edit:

1. YOUR INVITATION MESSAGE.  This is the message that people you invite to contribute and/or participate in the campaign will read. You insert it in the space below the line “About My Fundraiser” as shown in the next illustration. To make it easy on you, there is already a draft model message that you may copy and paste (and easily modify if you wish) in the following link: A Draft Message for You to Copy

Text to be inserted

You may also copy and paste and/or adapt the same message, and send it via your own email service/client if you so prefer.

Then move towards the bottom of the page and,

2. SET A FUNDRASING GOAL. Click (Edit) in the corresponding line. Please be aspirational. Can we suggest at least $1000.00?

3. UPLOAD YOUR PICTURE. Click (Edit) in the line corresponding to “PHOTOS”. This is key to your success: The majority of your potential donors have a relationship with you, and would not necessarily know about EmpreSomos before you tell them about it.

Please don’t forget to SAVE your message and your fundraising goal.

Now that your fundraising page is set up, you are ready to..


Click on Manage Campaign. Manage Campaign

There are three critical things to successfully manage your campaign:

1. COMMUNICATE with your potential or actual supporters, that is, donors and/or persons who may be willing or are accepted to be part of your fundraising team. You know them and may decide how to approach them. However, e-mail is regarded as the most effective way to reach out to potential donors. Email, email, email is key. You may combine it with follow-up texting or a quick phone call.

To email them you may use the CrowdRise platform (click on the red envelop) and/or use your own email client/service. A Get out the word

2. KEEP THE ENTHUSIASM of donors and supporters by updating and sharing information about the campaign. To do this, just go to “Post Update”

3. SEND THANK-YOU NOTES to donors: Just scroll down, find donor and click on "Say Thanks" next to their name.


General Questions? Contact Rene Salgado at: rsalgado@globalaebd.org / Office: 240-345-7592 / Cell: 240-994-1550 (For SMS or WhatsApp messages).

Technical Questions? Email the CrowdRise platform customer service team at: Quintas@CrowdRise.com