EmpreSomos: a game-changing initiative for Central America

EmpreSomos Objectives


What is EmpreSomos?

As Benjamin Franklin used to advocate more than a century ago, boosting skills and opportunities is a great way to empower and help others, and help ourselves.

Consistent with Franklin’s philosophy, EmpreSomos is designed to facilitate the expansion of entrepreneurship learning, training, and opportunity in Central America – Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua — to empower people (the unprivileged, in particular) to have a dignified life, and in the process, reduce social unrest, violence, and forced migration.

As explained in the EmpreSomos video on our home page, our innovative and impactful initiative stands apart from “giving-the-fish” ways to care for people. EmpreSomos addresses the prevailing vacuum of non-formal (or continuous) education in support of entrepreneurship and innovation in the countries of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

EmpreSomos aims to: (a) provide Central American start-up and small-business entrepreneurs enhanced access to international know-what and know-how, including, information, experiences, technical knowledge, practical skills, and training for new and innovative ventures; and (b) multiply opportunities and facilitate the growth of partnerships and production chains among local entrepreneurs and between them and international entrepreneurs or enterprises.

EmpreSomos is the outcome of exchanges and dialogs with Central Americans, and with prestigious leaders of local and international educational and training institutions and experts concerned with entrepreneurship growth and well-being in the region.