EmpreSomos: a game-changing initiative for Central America

Institutional Allies

There are a number of relevant Central American institutions whose leaders have expressed their support or interest in collaborating with the EmpreSomos cause and/or have signed memorandums of agreement with Global AEBD. This page contains the names of some of these institutions.

Meeting Global AEBD - UAM
Organization Name Type Website Country
Universidad Thomas More Business Education http://www.unithomasmore.edu.ni/ Nicaragua
Fundación Zamora Terán Non-profit http://fundacionzt.org/ Nicaragua
REDCAMIF Microfinance http://www.redcamif.org/index.php/en/ Regional (Central America)
Heifer International Coaching Agribusiness http://www.heifer.org/whencowsfly/projects/nicaragua.html Regional (Central America)
Fundación DéjameIntentarlo Non-profit http://www.dejameintentarlo.org/ Nicaragua
Universidad Centroamericana Education http://www.uca.edu.ni/ Nicaragua
Universidad Zamorano Agribusiness Education http://www.zamorano.edu/ Honduras