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The road to entrepreneurship and business success is risky and requires appropriate know-what and know-how. This is much harder when trying to do it on your own. The EmpreSomos-MicroMentor solution is here to help. Best of all, it is free and is just at your fingertips!

It will enable you to have twenty-four hours access to experienced mentors and counselors from any internet-enabled device, and in either English or Spanish. For this to effectively happen, you need to sign-up by clicking the Register sub menu at the Mentorship Portal.

Please ensure that you create a complete profile. This is key to match your needs and objectives with mentors that may be able to help you.

Testimonials from six Micromentor Community Members

Enrique Rodriguez & Xenia Tashlitsky

Enrique Rodriguez is a Mexican entrepreneur based in Mexico City. He is the founder of Flor de Mayo. In 2014 the company was producing only for the local market.

Three years later, and with the help of Xenia Tashlitsky — a US Mentor with expertise in Law and intellectual property, and international trade —  Enrique is in the process of registering his Brand in the US.

Xenia helped Enrique by sharing with him relevant articles and information resources about the market segment he was interested in targeting.

Tony Ferrero & Felipe Pulido

Felipe Pulido is a Mexican tech entrepreneur who has a very exciting project related to a new wearable technology. He is working to launch his product and while looking for resources to expand his knowledge Felipe connected with Tony Ferrero, from the US.

With the help of Tony, Felipe will be launching his product onto market in the next few months. There’s still a lot of work ahead. But thanks to all the expertise, knowledge and time Tony is offering to Felipe will soon be launching a disruptive IT service.

Brian Vent, New Jersey

Has helped: more than 20 entrepreneurs in the last year by sharing his learning of decades of experience in the retail and restaurant business.

Mentoring style: My approach with people I coach, typically centers around helping them get clear about three things:

  • The future they envision for their work and themselves
  • The goals that would indicate they’re on their way to realizing that future
  • The operational plan to realizing that future

Why do I mentor: I mentor entrepreneurs as an act of service (though I find that I often get as much as I give working with such talented and committed men and women). I work primarily with nonprofit and social enterprise leaders helping them increase the impact they and their organizations have in the communities they serve. I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much in my career, from mentors and experience, and feel fortunate to be able to be a resource for entrepreneurs doing good work around the world.


Brian Caudill, Florida

Has helped: more than 10 entrepreneurs in the last 6 months by sharing his own experiences as a small business owner for 14 years.

Mentoring style: My background is in training so I like to listen and learn about what issues entrepreneurs are dealing with, and then offer the appropriate resources (books, websites, other professionals, etc.) to solve any issues they are experiencing. I also teach them about ways to think critically about their business, mainly by asking thought provoking questions. I will always ask

Why do I mentor? I enjoy assisting others to accomplish their personal and business goals through mentoring, coaching, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning.